What they're saying about us...

"Working with Jo has totally changed my life!!

Layers were peeled away and I felt myself becoming more and more present within myself. The sense of clarity I gained was amazing. I spent enough time re-evaluating my own life and priorities again.

I now have a new sense of appreciation and direction. I have gained the confidence to apply for a new job, and have brought about a new sense of joy and fun into my life. I feel spiritually guided and protected and trust my new direction. 

Thank you Jo!" Kirsty - Child assistant

"Jo Howard has just given me one of the best sessions of my life. She had the insight to ask if this destructive energy was mine. And 💥 release. Something I have been struggling with for ever, trying to heal and change and it just was not mine!

I feel amazed! Light. Happy!

This is so radical this IFS. 

And Jo is very tuned in.

Highly recommended!"

-Lucie Van Leeuwen -IFS Practitioner and Zen Life Coach

"I feel safe with Jo. She has a lifetime of well honed intuitive wisdom and skill. She is able to call upon this to track and gently guide our exploration together. I'm getting familiar with parts of myself that have been unconsciously steering me off my path for so long." - J



"Jo has an instinctive gift of truly capturing the pure essence of Yoga. 

Unifying the mind body and spirit through the teachings.

Helping to strongly connect to this exquisite blue planet.

Each class feels like a meditation." Deb 

"It's Jo's honesty of self. She is striving to honour the divine and highest part of who she is and at the same time, sits gracefully in the truth of who she is in this very moment. You are real Jo, and you give us all the gift of that. It means we can all be real too. Yoga is just one of the ways you share this, but I feel that this comes through in all you do. 

I'm so inspired by all the golden threads you are gathering. It's just so beautiful!" - Sarah 

"When I think about what you ‘do’ Jo, I see that people are attracted to you for your ‘essence’ that you carry.  Saying that you are a yoga teacher really just does not do justice, like most official titles as healers I guess.

Because that is essentially who you are, a healer, a transformer, a space holder...  You see the beauty in others, their strengths, their abilities….

People are attracted to you because they are very comfortable and safe in the space you create, which allows for transformation and healing to occur.

You are not afraid to go into the depths, you are fearless in this sense.

People just love being around you because they feel safe to be all parts of themselves!" Stacey

“Jo is a very caring, calm and warm in personality with a gentle approach to helping others with IFS and manifestation. My experience with Jo came to life when I reached a point in my life juggling a business, working full time and trying to be a present Mum to my 1 year old. I felt lost and confused with my future and responsible for our family. Jo guided me through blockages using IFS travelling back to my childhood where a sense of responsibility, anxiousness and fear were prominent feelings I carried selflessly. Jo coached me through stages of acknowledging these feelings through IFS and relaxation to understand how I could lead the life I envisioned for my family. Since having these coaching sessions I was able to make the decisions which I had day dreamed about while tirelessly juggling life. I highly recommend Jo for anyone looking to better themselves and take the next step to follow their dreams or move past blockages within their internal system.Thank you Jo, you are one special person”  Jess - Human Resources and Events Manager