Hi, I'm Jo, I love what I do, and I am in love with life.


I hold loving space to allow others to deepen. 

I strive to live my life authentically, seek the truth and never give up learning, expanding and exploring my inner recesses with deep compassion, curiosity and ownership. 



Who am I?

How to answer that....

I'm in a most extraordinary place in my life right now. 

I dont think I have ever felt so content.

So groundedly flowing and aligned with life. 

That aint to say life doesnt throw me constant curveballs. It does, of course, but I see it all as evolution (or try to! lol). I set intentions for myself and my life, and what comes up between me and where I am headed, is for me to navigate, and I own it.

I rarely sit in my shit, I nearly always explore, inside and out, for the solution, and ultimately expansion into more of my authentic Self. 

I friggin love this journey called life. It is a journey to mastery of the most incredible gift, Life itself.

I'm a mumma, the most blessed gift ever, I'm a friend, a lover of nature and being outdoors, the water, swimming, snorkelling, canoeing. On the land, gardening, hiking, camping. A lover of stars and dancing and people. 

I love wildness, inside and out, freedom and flow.... openness and growth, connection and love.

What do I do?

I serve. I am committed and in love with offering my wisdom, insights and learnings with others.

I am incredibly blessed to have my Dru Yoga platform and now my IFS Coaching practice to hold people in.

The depth and ease and transformational qualities of the IFS Model that I feel so very blessed to have found and studied has given me exactly what I was craving to work with people on my retreats, locally and in the world.

I see people from all over the world now, via zoom and locally, and am loving what I am offering. 

Let's hope retreats begin again soon! It will be next-level when it happens...!!

I see the Gifts, the unseen essence and beauty, and what is possible in others.

I look to unveil that, to tease it out, explore others' workings and how they tick. Inspiring others to be their best, and live their best life. If you know me at all, you will know this! It comes naturally to me I cant hold it back. 

I love people, I love connection, and l love seeing the spirit of each soul within.

My work supports this fully, either through my Dru Yoga, my IFS practice or at workshops and retreats, a combination of it all!

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Owner and Creator of Inner Retreats

Diploma of Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga Tutor (on teacher trainings)

Dru Yoga Assistant (on teacher trainings)

Diploma of Dental Nursing

Studied Diploma of Fine arts (unfinished)

IFS Internal Family Systems Practitioner - Level 1 & 2  

Chakradance Facilitator

Ceremonial Studies

Qualified Massage Therapist -Shiatsu, Remedial and Relaxation

Anatomy, Physiology, Biology

Reiki 1 & 2

Body Talk Level 1 & 2

AustSwim Instructor 

Owner and creator of Splash Baby Swim School (WA)

Life Coaching

Facilitator of Womens Circles and Meditation groups 

International Retreats in Bali

Weekend Retreats, Workshops &

Deep Dive Dance Events 

Studies, Interest & Experience in: 

Intuitive Healing

Psychometry Readings 

Energy Work 

Wim Hof Breathing

Trauma Yoga

Death and dying 

Meditator for many years, including 2 years with Linda Clair of Simple Meditation with 7-day silent retreats 

NVC - Non Violent Communication

Studies in Ayurveda

Spiritual teachings/learnings of many sources

LOA Law of Attraction 

Yoga Nidra

Card Guidance Readings

Essential Oils

Menopause and Womens Health 

Coming of age Ceremony 

Mudra, Mantra, Koshas, Kirtan, Pranayam

Solo International Traveller, and pilgrimage to India

Sailor, Surfer, Swimmer, Hiker

Dancer, mover, chanter and lover of life

Freedom Seeker

Nature lover and friend 

Mother of 3 (biggest life study ever!)

Dedicated Self-healing & self-discovery journey