Welcome Home

To You

 “Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.” – Rumi

My Intention is to

Provide the loving space for people to find, touch, and know that deeper part of oneself, the true essence of who we are. 

To come Home to our Selves.

To use that deep and loving connectedness and Self-compassion to love all parts of ourselves, to create harmony inside and out, and align with creation itself.

To create and Live a life aligned, alive, in touch and in harmony. 

To retreat inwards, to where the whole universe resides...

Joanne Howard

Owner of Inner Retreats


Hi, I'm Jo

I am here to hold you, and guide you, with a range of offerings...

I am here to facilitate you being in alignment with all of You.

Your core inherent divine Self, your humanness, all parts of You. To love and know all parts of yourself, to honour your journey along the way, to empower you to live your best life.

You are so welcome to join me at one of my local (or online) Dru Yoga classes, workshops, international & local retreats, Life Coaching or IFS healing sessions, or dance events! 

I love what I do, and I love seeing the transformation that is made in peoples lives. 

I have a strong will to serve, you are welcome to come join the ride...

“Joanne's energy is divine, innocent, open and so very catalytic... it truly transforms people.... safely, gently, joyfully and lovingly.

With an enormous heart, Jo creates an amazingly safe, warm and nurturing space for anyone to gently and tenderly open up to more of the beauty and joy that may be hidden inside whilst having a whole lot of fun on the way.

Jo guides you through the flow and love in the body through Dru Yoga practice, and guided Self exploration to bring you into a deeper connection with your true divine essence so you can continue living a life more aligned with your true authentic self." Helena Lee

“Nurturing, kind and gentle spiritual guru. She has a heart of gold and so much soul to share. She leads with compassion and tenderness." Maryanne 



In loving support
Let's see what I can offer you:
- Yoga
- Life Coaching & Healing 
- Retreats, Workshops, Events

Girl Running in Field at Sunset

Dick Schwartz, creator of the Internal Family Systems model

“A person who is leading with the Self is easy to identify. Others describe such a person as open, confident, accepting — as having presence. They feel immediately at ease in a Self-led person’s company, as they sense that it is safe to relax and release their own Selves. Such a person often generates remarks such as, “I like him because I don’t have to pretend — I can be myself with him.” From the person’s eyes, voice, body language, and energy, people can tell they are with someone who is authentic, solid, and unpretentious. They are attracted by the Self-led person’s lack of agenda or need for self-promotion, as well as his or her passion for life and commitment to service. Such a person doesn’t need to be forced by moral or legal rules to do the right thing. He or she is naturally compassionate and motivated to improve the human condition in some way because of the awareness that we are all connected.”

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