How can I support you?

"A healer, a transformer, a space holder...  Jo see's the beauty in others, their strengths, their abilities…."

"People are attracted to her because they are very comfortable and safe in the space she create's, which allows for transformation and healing to occur."

"People just love being around Jo because they feel safe to be all parts of themselves!" - Stacey, Health Coach

I am offering my services as a collaborator and supporter of 

Your Dream

How can I support you?



"With an enormous heart, Jo creates an amazingly safe, warm and nurturing space for any woman to gently and tenderly open up to more of the beauty and joy that may be hidden inside whilst having a whole lot of fun on the way". - Helena, Spiritual Mentor

“I gained a sense of calmness and grounding. The retreat surprised with delight for my soul - everyday. It exceeded all expectations." - Maryanne, Education Support Teacher

Do you need a hand with holding space for your participants?

I can assist in setting intention, holding, and clearing afterwards. 



"Jo guides you through the flow and love of the body through her practices, and guided self exploration to bring you into a deeper connection with your true divine essence so you can continue living a life more aligned with your true authentic self". - Helena, Spiritual Mentor 

"Jo's Bali Retreat has been totally life changing. Jo has helped me to reconnect with my spirituality in a very joyful, nurtured way. A truly special week. I cannot describe in words how profoundly it has  affected me." - Robyn, Wine Maker 

My Intention is to take people home to themselves.... to know themselves as all parts of who they are... 



“Joanne's energy is divine, innocent, open and so very catalytic... it truly transforms people.... safely, gently, joyfully and lovingly." - Helena, Spiritual Mentor

“Jo's Retreat helped me let go of sadness that was weighing me down. I am now standing tall and able to shine my light out into the world. I feel fulfilled, content & grateful" - Claire, Medical Doctor

I create change in people. I see the highest potential in all.... and send them on down that track...



Connect people, watch the layers crumble, hold them so safe, so they can awaken to the full bright shining truth of their Being!



"Jo has an instinctive gift of truly capturing the pure essence of Yoga. 

Unifying the mind body and spirit through the teachings.

Helping to strongly connect to this exquisite blue planet.

Each class feels like a meditation." Deb, Yoga Student

I hold a Diploma of Dru Yoga Teaching, and cater my Yoga to fit any body, mind and spirit...



Having run a number of Retreats, Workshops, and many variety of classes, I am more than happy to share my skills as a facilitator, organiser, and support person for you, having gained so many learnings through experience! 
If you are planning a retreat in Australia or Bali, I have first hand knowledge to impart, with contacts.



Creating Connections between your participants is vital. 

I can support you and your group in many ways through Yoga, Dance, Movement, Heart Connection Exercises, Intention Setting, Self Care Practices, Self-Inquiry, Ice-breakers, Music, Sound, Educational Workshops and much more! 

Talk to me about what you are dreaming of, planning, or have going on, so I can support, inspire and dream big with you! Don't hesitate to connect anytime...

With Love, Jo